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What role does prestige play in Portland-area students’ college decisions? Answers vary.

This college admissions season, hundreds of thousands of high school seniors around the world applied for a spot at some of the nation’s most selective colleges with the hopes of attending a school of high regard and proving themselves worthy of a rare acceptance.

While few of the nation’s “top schools” crack Oregon’s list of most applied-to colleges – which is dominated by public and private universities in Oregon – each year, ambitious Oregon graduates are among those chasing entry to the Ivy

Artist explores emotional nourishment through papier-mâché

The walls of the church-turned-gallery are adorned with bright-colored papier-mâché sweets and retro-futuristic televisions atop cardboard boxes.

The new exhibit, “We Feed & Nourish Each Other,” was created by local freelance illustrator Agnes Barton-Sabo and displayed at Corvallis’ The Arts Center. Trained in traditional visual arts, they rediscovered papier-mâché because of the resources they had available during the pandemic.

Papier-mâché is an accessible and approachable form of sculpture

Student not afraid to speak up for social justice

In 2020, Sebastian Gracie Fultz became captivated by the Black Lives Matter movement when they read an article on the murder of George Floyd and the protests against police brutality.

They anticipated the attention the protests would get nationwide.

“For so long, it was like no one was talking about (police brutality), and now we’re talking about it,” they said.

Interested in news writing, Sebastian, now 15, decided to enroll in a journalism class offered at McDaniel High School to learn more

Student voices: Eager to keep learning

The education system can damage peoples’ perspectives of learning- many grow to view it as such a negative thing. A burden.

In reality, learning is less grueling than the world around us leads us to believe, especially when the subject matter is something you’re passionate about.

I love to learn new things, but at the high school I go to, I sometimes feel shamed for this. Is it wrong that I’m among the first to raise my hand? Am I taking too many notes?

Do I need to chill out?

Here, everyone

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Satire: Hallway traffic reaches distressing heights

Disclaimer: This article is an opinionated work of satire and is not meant to be taken seriously. No opinions or suggestions are genuine, and this piece should in no way inspire violence or disruption.

Mankind, throughout history, has stumbled upon countless plights. Plague. Rapture. Inflation.

But there seems to be just one problem over which we cannot triumph: mind-numbing, infuriating, pain-inducing hallway traffic.

Hundreds of teenagers— from the hormonally abundant to the pituitarily cha

Beaverton students gather to support abortion rights

On June 3, during Beaver Lodge, the chants spread like wildfire, growing rampantly and unafraid to tear down anything in their way. Cardboard signs were held up to the fence, and the supportive honking of cars passing by incited cheers and whoops, hoots and hollers.

The cause? A seemingly unstoppable group of students on the front lawns of Beaverton High protesting the recent news that the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to a leak obtained by Politico.

The protest was or

The problem with PE dress codes

A student enters the girls’ locker room. Recently, a dress code policy banning tank tops in PE has become controversial in some classes.

What does a rebellion look like? It might be a dystopian protagonist leading an underground retaliation against Orwellian leaders, or an angsty kid sneaking out of a window to go to a party.

But at first glance, a high school girl wearing tank tops to PE might not seem like one. For weeks, Brianna Reynolds* has worn tank tops to her Team Sports class to rebel

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